Physical Therapy Billing Software Basics

A physical therapy billing software is an online or server based program that is used print out a bill or claim form.  It can also send out billing information via electronic transmission to insurance companies like Medicaid or Medicare.

Each claim form which a physical therapy billing software sends out contains detailed information on a patient and reason for their visit.  Also, it should contain details of a treatment plan supported by the initial evaluation.  For the purposes of complete documentation, it should also contain information for equipment or assistive tools as needed.

A standard physical therapy billing software uses appropriate billing codes to properly identify procedures, treatments and diagnoses.  The notes of a therapist can be translated into codes for billing and reimbursement purposes.  A physical therapy billing software can definitely save on time and cut the number of errors due to illegible handwriting that could be easily misinterpreted.

Medical billers have to take extra care in making sure all the appropriate boxes are checked by the therapists so that the physical therapy billing software will generate a clean claim.  An additional feature of some software is code scrubbing wherein the software will clean for possible code errors and bring it to the attention of the billers.

Most coders go through extensive certification training to help them with medical terminology and with the basic structures of coding.  Some physical therapy billing software are sophisticated enough to prompt billers for appropriate codes but the user needs to have in depth knowledge of the billing and coding process.  Integration with special codes is also important especially for getting reimbursement from Medicaid and Medicare.

A must have feature of a physical therapy billing software is its integration with patients’ medical records.  Having these records on the same database as the billing information allows for a smoother and faster data generation.  Also, it helps in the accuracy of the documentation since completeness of data is assured.  There is no “falling in the cracks” of information since all data sits in one database.

 A patient file can be extensive and lengthy.  Accurate documentation and treatment will also focus on data for PQRS purposes.  Getting the whole view of the patient’s medical condition is easier to do since all records are carried over to the new ones.  This is a very good feature of a physical therapy billing software to have as it makes documentation easier for the therapist.

There is no doubt that a physical therapy billing software is vital to a medical facility or clinic.



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