Physical Therapy Billing Software To Streamline Operations

Physical therapy billing software should be able to take care of many of the functions necessary for physical therapy practices to run smoothly outside of the training room.

The physical therapy billing software should be able to handle patient charting and records. Practitioners should be able to see the patient records with full access to the information in an easily readable format. The physical therapy billing software should enable practitioners should be able to keep up with patient file notes with them able to be viewed and printed from any screen. Different guarantors should be listed in the patient files to ensure succinct billing. Referrals should also be listed with each patient to determine the best sources of advertisement.

Fast recall of previous visits should be commonplace in physical therapy billing software. Payment entry forms should be easy to interact and enter into the software interface. Auto apply is a helpful function. Automatically generated statements to ship at 30, 60 and 90 days is a necessary addition to physical therapy billing software. Printers can also be affixed to print directly on window envelopes. The physical therapy billing software should also be able to exclude patients who are keeping up with their balances. For patients who need receipts there should be easy printing. There should also be itemized transactions for statements, both opt in and release of care. This should also include the ability to set a Date Range and show balance forwarding.

Physical therapy billing software should show the billing information sent to the insurance companies on CMS-1500 forms should be easy to fill out, possibly even auto filled. Up to date day sheet reporting should be provided to see patient billing, payments made, claims funded as well as total charges. Reporting on accounts receivable should be able to be itemized for 30, 60 and 90 days. Physical therapy billing software should also be able to manage coding. The software should allow the practitioner to organize and maintain diagnosis, procedure, performing, practice information, service providing and modifier codes. This allows easier control on the adding and editing of physical therapy billing codes.

Physical therapy billing software also helps practices keep an eye on the list of referring providers to monitor how much of a contribution they make. The software should also keep an eye on the separate insurance providers with notes on which can be hassles and which are better to work with. Also the physical therapy billing software will include the occupations of the patients during recording as well as the types of claims they make.


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